I never knew what kale was until I left my parents home!

Recently a client of mine proposed the question “Why don’t I just do it?” - she was referring to taking care of herself - and then it dawned on me. Some people just don’t think they deserve to be healthy! Where did this all start? How did this happen? 

I reflect on my own childhood. I was raised on meat and potatoes, we ate whatever my mom put on the table for us. A meal wasn’t complete with out some sort of starch and maybe an iceberg salad. I never knew what kale was until I left my parents home! When I left for college, my new circle of friends were vegan. What was vegan?! All of a sudden it was cool to be vegan, and healthier, and because I wanted to fit in and look good i jumped on the “vegan train”. 

I became obsessed about everything I ate. I controlled everything I ate, especially when I would go back home to visit my parents. I brought my own groceries with me, which made my mom angry, questioning,“My food’s not good for you anymore?” That wasn’t it, although it felt strange to bring my own food, I just wanted to start paying closer attention to how I fed my body - and suddenly I was being made wrong for it. I felt confused. Perhaps, I thought, healthy was a privilege I had no business taking. Perhaps, I didn’t deserve to take care of myself. 

Where did my family’s limiting belief (that eating right and taking care of yourself was an unearned privilege) come from? Was it from how they were raised? Of course food, 40-50 years ago, was much different to today’s food. When my parents were growing up there was no such thing as “organic” because everything WAS organic. Nothing was processed, you at real food. Then there was the rise of processed foods. Our food industry began making it “easier” to have more food accessible to more people and therefore make more money. It’s true that our food industry has taken a turn for the worst. Just watch documentaries like Forks over Knives and Food Inc. There’s tons of evidence that proves we’re fatter, sicker, and more in denial about how food affects our health then ever before. So of course my family would make fun of me, they didn’t see they’re way of eating as potentially harmful at all! They were ignorant. And I was naive. 

The mindset shift for me happened while I was taking a Bikram yoga class. I learned from my teachers and mentors that eating well, and basic self-care is our birthright as human beings. We have a responsibility to ourselves and to our world around us to be the best that we can be. That’s when my journey into nutrition and wellness started to blossom. As I educated my family about what goes into our food and how it was linked to allergies, joint pain, fatigue, sleeping patterns, they started to feel differently about my approach to food and self care and what used to be a limiting belief started to become more acceptable and actually desirable. 

My client is not alone. There are a lot of people out there who struggle with this. If your experiences are similar to mine, and your belief system is restricting you from really taking care of yourself, I challenge you to think of this. One of the reasons we don’t take a stand for our health is based on a limited belief system. We just don’t believe we deserve it. And if you’ve been struggling with this for a while then it’s because you have accepted this as your norm. You’ve gotten into the habit of thinking it’s more normal to blame your unhealthy state on time, circumstances, and environment. You allow other people’s belief systems to influence your own. And since you’re not really comfortable with it….proves you were meant for MORE.

If you’re stuck in your health and you’d like to break free from old habits or old belief systems so that you can finally align yourself with your deep desires of wanting to have great energy, look and feel your best, then I highly recommend we start the conversation.